Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two Years...

My first year of teaching I taught Kindergarten, exactly the age that I wanted.  When the opportunity to move up with my class to first grade, I was so excited. I loved my first class and was glad to already know the parents and students, as well as their needs and personalities.  

On the last day of school this year, I said goodbye (for real this time) to my first students as they left to get ready to move on to second grade. Here is the video I made for them. I'm so glad that I was crazy about taking pictures of absolutely everything that they had done these last two years. It made for a sweet gift to give to the parents and something I'll keep forever myself! Now to delete 1,000 images from my phone...

1 comment:

  1. So sweet! You're much better at commemorating moments than I am with pictures! "Here, parents, read the blog post I wrote about your kids!" Lol